Life before SETEC

In most cases, if you're an entrepreneur or small business owner, one of your biggest, most daunting hurdles is figuring out how to operate your business with enterprise technology on a seed-stage budget.

In most cases, you'll find yourself beholden to one of the major cloud providers, forced to embrace their technology stack in order to get the necessary investors to sponsor your idea.

And when it comes to investors, you'll hand over a large portion of your company for a seed round, because you'll need the cash to build the critical mass of infrastructure in order to keep your business scaling.

How We're Different

SETEC ASTRONOMY owns and has access to critical infrastructure in order to save you money.  Need bare metal hardware but don't want to pay to build an entire data center?  We can get you dedicated physical hardware colocated in world-class data centers starting at $99/month, and the best part of all of it is that you don't need to maintain any of the hardware yourself.  Need IPv6 connectivity in order to connect to your partner networks?  We can provide seamless access to your infrastructure elsewhere through Layer 2 GRE tunnels, VPNs, or IPSec tunnels.

In addition, we offer expertise in the form of weekly retainers with optional equity compensation.  In other words, if you're sitting on a gold mind of an idea and need help building it, we'll take a piece of the pie and give you deeply discounted or free expertise.

How We can Help You

SETEC ASTRONOMY does not charge huge monthly recurring costs for your basic infrastructure needs.  We charge a reasonable amount, and your weekly retainer for expertise can be eliminated by offering equity compensation.